The Hopeless End Of A Great Dream

Directed and Produced by Declan Clarke


The film was shot entirely on the grounds of Trinity College Dublin, using the diversity of architecture within Trinity’s walls as a backdrop and metaphor for the last 100 years of Irish history. Taking a number of overlooked episodes in Irish history as its starting point, the film works along a fragmented narrative which sees unexplained actions taking place in academic and historical surroundings. Clarke grounds these episodes in the political present, so that they function as commentaries on the causes, effects, and ongoing ramifications of the past on the current political climate. Visually and thematically referencing the tropes of post war European cinema, Clarke blurs real and fictional stories to create film with a complex palimpsest of narrative development, compelling characters and mysterious events.

Shot on Aaton XtrPro, S16mm, Kodak 250D, 500T